Masterclass: Money and Creativity (our way)

Masterclass: Money and Creativity (our way)

Date: Sunday 19th August 2018
Time: 10am - 2pm

Venue: TSC HQ - 80 Stephenson Street, Cremorne 3121

Hi!  We're Marie + Sarah, Co-owners of The Style Co.  If there's one question we hear all the time it's this...
"How the hell have I worked a million hours and not made any money?
So...after so many requests, we've finally released this Masterclass to take you through the step by step of they how we did it.
A few years ago we were saying the same thing.."Will we ever make money??".  Until we decided to get good at talking money with clients, knowing our worth, charging correctly and not only paying ourselves (yes! we actually pay ourselves for doing this beautiful thing called designing) but actually making a profit.  
This Masterclass is us showing you what we've learnt over the years and how to get real and get friendly with those dirty words us creatives seem to have trouble with.. sales, money and that crazy crazy thing called profit.
Why would you book this Masterclass?
You want to keep doing what you love and keep being creative but you also want to earn a decent living and possibly even grow your business!  
What will you walk away with?
An understanding of how we:
- sell without being 'salesy'
- close those deals without being pushy
- got comfortable with asking for budgets and locking in client spends 
- plan and forecast in advance 
- grew our team
...and lots more
What do you need to bring?:
Just your eager self and lots of questions, we'll look after the rest.  
And yes... we will feed you, it's our favourite thing to do.
If all of the above sounds like heaven on a nerdy stick, then the 'Buy' button above is calling your name.

Book your spot leave the rest to us!

If you have any questions we're here to answer them! Email or 03 9425 9797.