Marie de Vera is The Style Co.’s founder and Creative Director, resident perfectionist, plywood junkie, homewares addict and new mum.

Fuelled by her not-so-awesome experience planning her own wedding and realising that no bride should ever have to match a chair cover sash to the colour of a Gerbera centerpiece, Marie created The Style Co., a safe haven for the ‘rebels’ who wanted to can the cookie-cutter look and create a custom experience for their friends and family.

With her impeccable eye for detail, and thoughtful approach to design and styling, word soon spread of this design virtuoso who could transform a space with her innovative installations and thoughtful approach to styling. With Marie at the helm, The Style Co. quickly grew into the highly sought after brand it is today.

Knowledge sharing and empowering fellow business women continues to inspire Marie. This desire to connect with other female entrepreneurs also saw her co-found the League of Extraordinary Women in 2011.

The Style Co. co-owner, event stylist, good vibrations practitioner and Client Director wants to live in a world where thank you notes are handwritten, eyes are locked more often than iPhones and where every event is designed to make people feel something.

Renowned for her ability to turn clients into friends and build strong collaborative relationships with suppliers that enable the team to turn their big ideas into an even bigger reality, is evidence of her luminosity.

Sarah's undeniable knack for client relationships sees her meet with every single potential client from the beginning, then her passion, honesty and unwavering wit guides each client through The Style Co. creative process, ensuring their uniqueness is incorporated into the design.

Not afraid of the power of ‘the hustle’, Sarah first joined The Style Co. as an intern in 2011 after she decided she wanted to add to the love in the world and move away from Corporate event styling and into the world of Weddings and Private events. Where others would have thrown in the towel, Sarah maintained a sheer unrelenting spirit and belief in her skills – the same traits that caught Marie’s eye.

With one unpaid foot in the door, Sarah quickly proved her creative skills and grew to become an integral member of The Style Co. team, before coming on board as Marie’s business partner in 2013.
Sarah's commitment to clients is matched by her commitment to The Style Co. team. A firm believer in being kinder than seems necessary and more generous than seems reasonable, she is a constant source of motivation and her spontaneous robot dance moves are pivotal to the happiness levels at The Style Co. HQ.