They said...

Thank you Sarah & Marie 
This was the most amazing workshop weekend EVER !!!!. It was so inspiring & was jam packed full of great content. I had such a nice time meeting you both along with other like minded people. The food was epic & the venues perfect !!!
I don't think I have ever learnt so much ‚down to the point‚ information it was raw & so true. You were both so great & I loved the way in which you delivered the content. 
Thank you so much. I walked away feeling so inspired & excited for my future journey. I want to learn soooo much more. 
You two are SUPER STARS !!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart 
Emma Hayes xxx - 2019 attendee

Hi Sarah & Marie,
I can’t thank you enough for your course on the weekend. For the first time ever, I submitted a quote which reflected my value as a designer. After running (quite stupidly!) under the process of designing a draft, showing it to the client and then having the client decide whether to go ahead or not - this time, I factored in my design costs to get to the point of presenting a draft. It felt a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
Thank you again, those words don’t seem to be doing enough for how I feel about the new lease how my business operates. I am literally not starting on this job I quoted until I am paid the fee for the draft and I feel empowered by that. I’m actually taking myself more seriously & respecting what I do as real work, which I can already feel will attract only clients who will respect what I do.
Cheers to making an actual profit now – I honestly don’t know what I was thinking before, under charging my skills & ability to design!
Thank you thank you thank you infinity,
- 2019 attendee

Hello Marie and Sarah,
I wanted to say a huge thank you for an awesome weekend.
It's so great to have people willing to share their struggles, wins and industry secrets. Loved the food, personal coffee deliveries and throwing in the mix some hands on floristry to break things up.
Will definitely be recommending your workshops.
See you both at the best of the best 😊
Catherine - 2019 attendee

Dearest Cruzie and Sez,
I just wanted to pass along a huge thank you for the past weekend.
This industry can often feel as though everyone is your competition and many seem to have had their creative soul crushed (and sometimes like to pass that on). The amount of knowledge you are so willing to share and the encouragement you give to others to make their unique mark in this industry has inspired me within my own brand. 
The two of you have created such an incredible vision in both life and your craft. Your passion, enthusiasm and all round hustler attitude has breathed a breath of fresh air into my own creative career path (already signed up for some serious Adobe boot-camps). 
So thank you so much for being such incredible humans and offering such a transformative workshop.
Wishing you all the best and I hope to one day create some magic with you both!
Kindest Regards,
- 2019 attendee

"Absolutely loved it. Would highly recommend! Well done ladies! Thank you again!"
- 2019 attendee

"Serious business crush on you clever ladies x"
- 2019 attendee

"I love how passionate they are to make the industry better for all the creatives involved and how spectacular they are at running an epic business and still being true creatives!"
- 2016 attendee

"It was so insightful and I came away with a new vision for my business which is just what I needed and was looking for as I was at a bit of a cross roads as to what to do next."
- 2016 attendee

"A blend of learning from The Style Co journey and tips to make our own businesses succeed."
- 2016 attendee

"Thank you so much – I feel privileged to have been a part of this workshop and be allowed to hear The Style Co. story. It was certainly inspiring and motivated me to keep going!"
- Nadine

"I got so much more out of this workshop than what I thought I would have ! From the time I walked in the door it had exceeded all my expectations! Honestly!"
- May attendee 2015

"It was fabulous, I would do it all over again in a heart beat."
- 2015 attendee

"Thank you for being so approachable and honest about your journey and dream. Your passion is contagious, your drive admirable and your humility is incredible. You are extremely inspiring and amazing at what you do."
- 2015 attendee

I had such an amazing day with you ladies.  I spent a whole day going through it all (with my business partner) and we had a blast workshopping and getting creative with all your insights.

So thank you so much, you girls are truly inspiring!  Thanks for the injection of motivation and making us think outside of the box.
Octopus' garden

My mind is racing from all the info you shares and all the ideas and inspiration I now have.

Thank you for sharing and being so honest and raw.  It was an amazing day!

I walked away from it with my head feeling like a rock. I went from being inspired to scared and a little bit confused about how I wanted to change things from here. It then took a day (after the workshop) to feel completely inspired and excited about what's to come!!!

I absolutely loved the workshop and I can't even begin to tell you how much I got out of it.  I have also highly recommended it to a number of people.
Jodey Neary

I felt inspired and most of all excited. the course consolidated quite a few things for me and also taught me quite a few things. It was great that you had no hesitations to share your lessons learnt.
Sarah Vaughn

My staff members loved the weekend and have come back to Perth full of ideas and enthusiasm! This is in itself part of the reason for us coming over.

We loved the classroom style... I felt the most positive and energised after this.
Salli Dooly 

I felt so inspired, motivated and passionate about the industry again as some times it's easy to ask yourself if it's really worth it whilst still working another part time job.

The weekend's workshop validated that this is truly what I love and I'm more eager than ever to push the boundaries and make some changes to our business structure so it's both emotionally and financially rewarding for us.
Lauren Pool